Nur Sultan

Public transport in Kazakhstan is rising (by Kazinform)

06 июля 2022

In the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur Sultan, public transport ridership is rising. Bus transport revenue stood at KZT40.2bn (84,42 million euro) or 90% of the total revenue gained from passenger services, 27% of all revenue, as Kazakhstan website Kazinform reports.

During January-May of 2022, the revenues of the companies of motor and city electric transport stood at KZT148.9bn (312,7 million euro), 35.4% more than in the same perdio in 2021. Cargo transportation profits were up 39.5% over the year, up to KZT104.2bn (218,4 million euro), while passenger traffic revenues were up 26.6%, up to KZT44.6bn (93,6 million euro), reports. Taxi traffic revenues were estimated at KZT1.8bn (3,8 million euro), up 5.8%. Passenger transportation stood at 2.7 billion people in Jan-May this year, rising by 16% in a year.

Public transport ridership was 1.8bn passengers, taxi ridership - 881.8mln, trolleybus ridership - 13.1mln, and tram ridership - 12.2mln. Passenger traffic rose 16.3% to 29.6bn passenger-kilometres over the five months of this year. Motor and city electric transport carried 1.12bn tons of cargo and luggage in January-May of 2022, up 1.6%. Cargo turnover stood at 52.7bn tkm, down 1.2%. Nur-Sultan is the capital city of Kazakhstan and was previously known as Astana. Its population is just above one million people.